Bible Commentator


Rabbi Moshe Reiss

Letter to the Editor

I was out shopping Thursday morning for my Shabbat food when you published my article in Speaking Freely on anti-Americanism and anti-Judaism [Anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism go hand in hand, Feb 18]. When I returned home I saw it on my e-mail as well as a diatribe against Jews. The authors apparently responded instantly. [A link to] my website (with my permission, of course) appeared at the end of the article. I reprint the penultimate paragraph: "Germany did a piss poor job of liberating their people from the tyranny of Jews. Let's hope Islam does a better job." I do not reprint their name since I choose not to seek their permission to quote them. I can surmise from the names they were not Muslims. To receive such a "St Valentine's Massacre" Card (an analogy to murdering criminal activity in the Unites States in the 1920s) during the week when many memorialized the 60th year of the liberation of Auschwitz is indeed remarkable. Most Jews, at least western Jews, including this author, had relatives whose bodies (although not necessarily souls) were turned to ash in this kingdom of hell. I thought you might care to share this with your other readers. May God forgive their souls; I cannot and will not.

Rabbi Moshe Reiss (Feb 18, '05)