Tips for Writing an Engaging Descriptive Essay

The main idea of a descriptive essay is that you are giving the reader a summary of your topic and telling them what the main points are, without giving away the main point. Many students have trouble with this, as they want to go into detail and explain everything they think is important in their essay. When writing a descriptive essay, you should just give your readers the general outlines of your main ideas without going into too much detail. There are some basic essay topics you can use for college assignments and some you can skip altogether.

The first one is your main point

You should start your essay with an introduction to your topic and then go on to explain what your main point is. Many college professors will want you to write an essay on a topic they have already taught, but you don’t need to do this. You can just write a basic overview of the main point you are trying to make and include examples of where you have found information that supports your main point. This will make your essay much easier to read, and it will show your professors that you are well prepared.

Another good list essay topic to use for your assignment is a list of research related to your main point. If you are writing about the history of American immigration, you could begin by writing a list of major historical events that happened during the years before you entered college. After listing your list, you could talk about each event in detail, explaining how the research you used came about, and why you believe it is an important part of your college education. If you don’t feel comfortable writing this, you might want to enlist the help of a college advisor or student leader to help you out.

You can also use a list to explain events that happened during your school career. It’s easy for college professors to take your class and throw you out if they do not see the development you are hoping for. They may decide you are not cut out for your chosen majors because you don’t think your studies are in order. To avoid this, you should give yourself ample time to formulate a list of what you would like to study. Write a few pages of possible topics that could apply to your school, and then compile them into a brainstorm for your assignment.


you can use a topic from an essay you have already written to support your main point. Don’t copy an essay you wrote, but just substitute one for another if you feel comfortable. For example, if you are writing about American History, you could explain how the country’s founders dealt with financial and other hardships in their time period, how the country changed throughout the century, and how the country came back together after the Civil War.

The key to remember when using descriptive essay topics for your assignment is that you need to research the topic well. Write a few drafts and then rewrite what you have written based on the topics you have uncovered. This will make your essay much better than one that was written quickly without enough research. Once you complete it, your assignment will have a higher chance of being accepted.