Bible Commentator

Special Stories

Rabbi Moshe Reiss

Special Stories #1: June 26, 2005

Suicide Bombers as Martyrs:

A female homicide bomber wore explosives in her underwear at an Israeli checkpoint. A woman was caught with 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of explosives sewn into her underwear, intent of detonating the bomb at an Israeli hospital – the very hospital where she had been treating for weeks for burns she received in a kitchen accident.. Wafa al-Biss, 21, had been traveling regularly to the southern Israeli city of Beersheba on medical permits. Her destination was the Soroka Medical Center where nurses and physicians have been treating her, but on this day, her intention was to kill them all.

"My dream was to be a martyr"

She would-be female homicide bomber told interrogators she was given the explosive-laden garment on Monday morning by operatives from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, who instructed her to blow herself up in a noisy, crowded place in the hospital. Failing that, she attempted to detonate the explosives at the security checkpoint. Had security officials not been alert to the nature of threat, she might have well succeeded. Instead, she was taken to a concrete room at the checkpoint and made to strip by security officials who made the revealing discovery.

A young man caught before he denoted his bomb said ‘I despise Israeli’s. . they took our land’. When asked if there was anything he admired about Israeli’s he said they had good soccer players whom he watched on television and admired there playing skills. When asked whether he would take his bomb and blow himself up in an Israeli soccer stadium, he said ‘on a soccer field  . . . No I couldn’t do that’.