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Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism - Part II

On February 17, 2005 I wrote a column in the Asia Times on Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism
(‘’). In the penultimate sentence I noted I would come back to the question of ‘This Strange Coalition’ of extreme left-wingers and extreme right-wingers, some believers and some non-believers, Anti-Semites and those who are Anti-American and finally Jihadist fascists. I know return (although not in the General MacArthur sense since I do not wish to be thought of as an American Caesar (whether George Bush so wishes is of course another matter).  

One side of this strange coalition is based on the religious belief of Jews, Christians and Muslims; the other side are Atheists. On the right side are the three religions based first and foremost on a revelation from a being referred to as ‘God’ ‘Lord’, or ‘Allah’.

It used to be that Anti-Semitism was a racial disease; the only solution to such a pandemic was death. Paul Johnson suggests it is now an intellectual disease; since most Anti-Semites are Semites or favor certain types of Semites I consider it a mental disorder, a schizophrenic religious and cultural disease. Like many other mental diseases it is self inflicted and highly infectious. Most of those infected are in the Arab world or in Europe. It began as a Roman disease, then mutated to Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Christianity, to Enlightenment Secularism and finally to the Nazis whose home was not surprisingly Christian Europe.

One would claim that those countries infected with rabid Anti-Semitism – Spain (15th century), Czarist and Stalinist Russia (19th and 20th century) Poland, Dreyfus France and Nazi Germany (20th century) all rapidly went bankrupt. The most recent examples are the Arabs and new Europe. To use just one of many examples Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris, a prominent Palestinian cleric stated on T.V. “You will find that the Jews were behind all the civil strife in this world. The Jews are behind the suffering of the nations. . . .  The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews.”

Europe as noted many times by our correspondent Spengler is in the midst of depopulating itself from this world – whether to heaven or not is a different question.

This Arab disease is a religious disease it and thus ought to be examined theologically.

There is no single original text in any of the three religions; each of texts, the Torah, the Gospels and the Qur’an have numerous old texts that differ from each other and these are in various libraries all over the world. Despite that almost all believers agree there is a problem trying to ‘Fix’ God’s word. The punishment is invariably excommunication if not death.

Since revelation seems to be the key to this religious belief what do we have? All the texts as written are based on what can only be considered ‘hearsay’. Would a religious court, whether Rabbinic, Canon or Sharia accept ‘hearsay”? Probably, if it is attested by two adult Jewish males in the case of the Rabbinic Court, two adult Christian male clerics in a Canon Court and two adult Muslim males in a Sharia Court. (Women are not acceptable as witnesses in any of the three monotheistic religions.) In a secular Anglo/Saxon based court none of these testimonies would be acceptable, although they might be heard by a Jury of peers to assess; a jury made up of males and females and irrespective of religion.

What is clear is that every private revelation (no matter that the listener is Moses, Muhammad or the Evangelists) is wholly individualistic and not provable according to the usual laws of logic. Faith is not a matter of logic.

Each of the religions tells us of human death and of an Apocalypse. ‘Thy will be done”!

Apocalyptic thinking is, of course, very ancient; in fact it may be part of the ‘original sin’. Apocalyptic thinking can be considered as a virus; it lies asleep until the conditions are ripe for infection. These conditions are fear, uncertainty and the breakup of social systems; all symptoms of ‘future shock’. (Yes there were outbreaks prior to modern ‘future shock’ prior to the twentieth century; for Jews and Muslims the expulsions from Spain, for Christians the fourteenth century plagues.) The effect of the disease is panic and an addiction to terrifying nightmares, illusions of sexual fantasies and magical thinking. Is there a cure aside from annihilation? Probably not; the virus and those infected must die. Will God protect the innocent? Did God protect those in the famous Lisbon earthquake written about by Voltaire in his famous ‘Candid’ or those in the more recent tsunami? Apparently not!

Apocalyptic believers expect the transcendent God to become imminent and strike the world. Using human verbal logic one could be forced to ask why God would create human playthings and put them in a ‘toy’ box and when He chooses close it down and incinerate His children. Clerics who would believe this; a Judgment day in which no one is judged and all are indiscriminately executed without justice or judgment; are required to contemplate this paradox of religion.
My death will make my children (and perhaps friends) sad but will be quite comprehensible. Total annihilation is beyond comprehension. Prophets who predict these futures, destroy religious tradition.

According to religious tradition God has already annihilated the entire world by the waters of the Flood and for the Jews by fire. Secularists could argue that the flood was a natural event and the holocaust was man made. True, but if the God of the Jews is beneficent (believed by Christians and Muslims as well) there is definitely a problem according to human logic; He is responsible for His world.

But we know from the Biblical Job that human logic will not suffice. Job was seeking to find the Intelligent Designer of the Universe and His logic.

The fact that any design needs a designer seemed obvious enough. Sir Isaac Newton, the creator of modern science believed that. However he also believed that his commentary on Job was more important than his works on mathematics. Not many believe that any longer; in fact it is almost impossible to get a copy of that commentary except at the Cambridge University Library where he taught mathematics.

I suspect that Sir Isaac read Hebrew but being more familiar with English used James’s I translation more than the Hebrew. God as the designer is strangely described in that book. God asks Job what do you know about (for example) snow (38:22); there is little snow in Israel/Palestine but then Job comes from a place called Uz which for all we know may be in the North Pole or Oz in Kansas. Then God asks Job about ‘unicorn’s (39:9,10) – well we Jews never accepted Greek Mythology (beautiful though they may be) so we translate that Hebrew word as a ‘wild ox’; James’ translators simply got that one wrong. Then God asks about the ‘behomoth’ (40:15) – a land monster (fortunately James’ boys did not attempt to translate that); same with the ‘leviathan’ (41:1) – a sea monster. But what seems clear is God’s question – why do you think that Human logic is the only possible system of design for My Universe; perhaps I designed the world for the logic of the behemoth and leviathan?
After the theophany God is easier with Job beginning with 42:7.  God tells him that the conventional wisdom about justice being a major thesis in the design of the universe is simply wrong; I do not know what Sir Isaac thought about that. (Sir Isaac may have been seeking not verbal logic but mathematical logic.) Is an intelligent designer required to give his subordinates the same level or kind of intelligence that He Himself has? Can human logic explain the conversation between God and Satan in the prologue, where the latter convinces the former – that is God - to harm with the greatest pain including murdering his own children; excluding only his own death. This is God’s reward for his favorite person in the world?

There is one sense of logic that would appeal to many of us. Job’s children are resurrected. The text is unclear about the wife.  She was not nice to Job or God (2:9), in fact perhaps ‘foolish as women can be’ (2:10). (Please forgive me but that is not me speaking but Job and I am not responsible for the Poet-author.) The girls get beautiful names, the boys are unnamed. And then in the first act of feminism Job gives the girls equal inheritance rights to the boys. I and others may believe that equal inheritance rights is not only logical, but in fact perhaps a sufficient definition of intelligence design. However Muslim law finds that logic not only fallible but wrong!

Each of the religions noted above also believes that regardless of the Apocalypse the ‘Holy Elected Ones’ will survive. But who chooses the Holy Elected ones? If they themselves, that seems narcissistic. Do the Calvinists choose, the Talmudic Rabbis, the Popists, the Shia’s, Osama and his ilk or the animists usually located in Africa? Can Holy Elected ones be ‘False’ prophets? (For a discussion of ‘true’ and ‘false’ prophets see my previous article – March 12 - on the Bushes.

Those who believe in the Holy War - the Jihad – whether the right-wing or the left-wing are attempting to bring the Apocalypse now! It would seem that Muslim suicide bombers (the more usual kind) believe themselves to be members of the ‘Holy Elected Ones’. They believe they go directly to heaven and meet doe eyed dark haired virgins – 70, a number like Muhammad’s companions. And the number of members of the Jewish Sanhedrin (ancient legislative body).

Were Stalin (considered a left-winger), or Hitler (considered a right-winger), or Mao (since these terms are largely western oriented it is not certain how one ought to categorize an oriental like Mao) Believers or Atheists? (Stalin actually studied as a youth at a Russian Orthodox theological seminary.) They can be defined as Jihadists – that is believers in a Holy War, although not of the Muslim persuasion. If Believers, who anointed them as the Holy Elected Ones?  Is it possible that Siva the destroyer chooses the Holy Elected ones? Voltaire (a Frenchman, secularist and Atheist) suggested that God was created from Man’s imagination. Could Man’s imagination have instead or in addition, have created the Devil!

Another example is the White Supremacists and Arabs who hate each other but both hate Jews more: See “”

Recently another strange group has joined this strange coalition – right wing fascists who while hated Arabs in fact calling them ‘towelheads’ have decided that they are better than the dangerous Jews.

Dr. David Duke (I have no clue where he received his PhD) was the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Leader from Louisiana  and a Representative in the state of Louisiana clearly believes Jews control not only America but the World. ‘the truth that I speak daily, the threat of Jewish supremacism to the American nation’ ( I should be so lucky.

During his visit to Syria from Nov. 21- 26 he had a press conference, on November 25, Duke explained: "I have come to Syria to express my support to the Syrian people and their just stances... It's the duty of every free man to reject the conspiracies and threats Syria is exposed to." He also gave his appreciation to Syria under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.(2)

In his speech at the November 24 rally, he stated that the U.S. and Syria were both occupied by the Zionists and went on to say that the Zionists had also occupied "Washington D.C., and New York, and London, and many other capitals in the world."  

We have not yet been able to determine whether left-wingers can be Believers or must they be Atheists?
We have not yet been able to determine whether right-wingers can be Atheists or must be Believers?
Do right-wing Atheists have more in common with left-wing Atheists or vice versa?
Do left-wing Believers have more in common with right-wing Believers or vice versa?

Unless we can answer those questions how to respond to members of that strange coalition the difference - which they claim as a similarity - between Nazism and Zionism, a claim held particularly by Islamist-wingers?

As an example of claimed similarity Lt. General Mustafa Tlass for 32 years the Defense Minister of Syria, wrote a book entitled ‘The Matza of Zion’. I need not bother telling readers what he has to say. I have no problem with a Muslim writing about Judaism, after all I write about Islam; I have read the Qur’an several times as well as various commentaries; I am not as sure that Tlass has read the Bible or the Talmud (even once) which describe the ingredients of the Jewish food called the Matza. (It is actually the basis of the wafer used in the Christian Eucharist.) His ingredients which include blood (it used to be Christian blood, Tlass claims it is Muslim blood) are wrong! Jews are forbidden to eat blood.
Is it possible that instead of Nazism and Zionism being comparable the opposite is true – Nazi’s are comparable to Islamic fundamentalists?

Nazis had a cult of obeying, adoring and fearing the Führer; it is rooted in the patriarchal family obeying, adoring and fearing the father. The Nazis were also obsessed with virgins and women as submissive housewives and perfect mothers. Their extreme masculine values, above all else, male bonding and sacrificing their lives for the high ideals of racial or religious purity, with the promise of glorious martyrdom. How different is this than modern Islamic fundamentalists following their Ayatollah’s or Imam’s dictates?

The Aryan Nations one of the neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. who call Arabs ‘towel heads’ and whose membership is restricted to ‘white protestant aryans’ had the following interesting comment by its National Director August Kreis on his website. “We as an organization will also endeavor to aid all those who subvert, disrupt and are malignant in nature to our enemies. Therefore I offer my most sincere best-wishes to those who wage holy Jihad against the infrastructure of the decadent, weak and Judaic-influenced societal infrastructure of the West. I send a message of thanks and well-wishes to the methods and works of groups on the Islamic front against the Jew such as Al-Qaeda and Sheik Usama Bin Ladin, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and to all Jihadis worldwide who fight for the glory of the Khilafah and the downfall of the anti-life and anti-freedom System prevalent on this earth today.” Apparently ‘towel heads’ if they are anti-Semitic are kosher even to Aryans.

The truth is that fascism, whether of the left wing kind, the right wing kind or the Islamic kind are not based on religious theology but of fundamentalist ideology. Fundamentalist as noted above is a disease not a religion.

A theologian once claimed that the desire for order was a form of idolatry; humans seeking hierarchies like bees or ants are in fact inhuman acting as humans. On the other hand who would want an untidy universe where wars and tsunamis take place? Is a war - man created - better or worse than one naturally born. Ah! but tsunamis are not born by nature but God created? Does one come from Order and the other from Disorder or do both come from Disorder?

The cause of war has always been obvious; Eleanor of Aquitaine, a Frenchwoman who became Queen of England stated almost a millennium ago that war’s only cause was men.  Despite the fact that Eleanor lived before the Feminist Revolution, she was fully aware of her own power and aggressiveness.

This strange coalition makes a ‘witches’ Sabbath’. Who are the barbarians at the gates? The barbarians can be described to paraphrase Louis Claude de Saint- Martin as those who ‘speak the same language because they come from the same country’.


Considering the actions of Israel and some parts of the Jewish community in these days and current political times, it would seem reasonable another Inquisitor would arise do to Jewish excess's and exceeding of all limits both of man and Godly. That Iquisitor may have deep, heavy and hard questions and judgements about the Righteousness of Israel and it's Government and may require corrective action.

I'm thinking the Rabbi is also as curious as everyone is about how the new Pope will rule and what sorts of actions he'll be taking. We were having quite a bit of discussion about who the new Pope might be leading up to the changeover, and there were many concerns among ourselves. For the most part, I sense most cause for alarm has been allayed among us, and I am not aware of any sudden changes being made by Pope Benedict XVI.

The Fundamental question I see before us is
shall Israel and the Jewish religion rule the world?
or is it for Christ and His followers to rule the world.

Since the Jewish religion believes that the Followers of Christ
are to be killed, and all Christian worship destroyed, I stand
strong with Christ and His teachings of love for all, including the Jewish people.

I believe it is for Christ and His true followers to rule the world,
and make those who are harming others, and destroying all that is good,
stop what they are doing.
Yes, I too noticed a lot of bile in the general tone of the Rabbi's article, and do hope the Rabbi will be feeling in better sorts soon.

I'm with you on agreeing with the Pope somewhat as well. I'm not sure that banning publication of such sinful Priests is necessary, but the double standard of media trumpeting the sins of Christians, while hiding under a barrel, or making silly jokes of the sexual sins an+d pedastry of the Rabbi's seems biased at best, and I will not even bring up the sins of the Islamic leadership, the Hindu leadership or anyone elses, not even my own.

There's websites that list many of the Rabbi's that have raped, engaged in pedophilia, and stolen the wives of other memebers of their congregations. If and when Rabbi's who have done these things are publicized, it's soon either dropped or covered up....I remember one case where a Rabbi who'd been caught for the third time, chasing little boys on the internet, was described as "The wascally wabbi".......

It's hypocritical at best to trumpet in harsh tones the sins of one religion, while minimizing and covering the sins of another.