Read the Bible: Immerse Yourself in the Most Valuable Monument of Spiritual Cultur

The Bible is the main book of all mankind, which contains the basic laws of the moral life of the Christian people. It tells about the creation of the world, our planet, the first people, and the development of mankind in general. Holy Scripture is divided into Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament is the Hebrew-Aramaic script that was written from the third to the second century BC. The Old Testament consists of thirty-nine books. The New Testament is twenty-seven books written by the apostles about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the spread of Christianity during the first century BC.

What Arguments to Use in Writing the Essay About the Bible?

The imaginative reader opens a new book. At first, they simply go line by line, but at some point, he no longer notices that all his attention is only on these black squiggles on white sheets of paper. He no longer sees them – incomparable views of distant countries open up before his eyes, the fates of great heroes and supervillains rush by, great cities are built, and unique discoveries are made. Take a look at the next arguments that can be used in how to write essay on bible:

  • The Bible contains moral laws, and principles by which it is useful for people to live.
  • In the Old Testament, these are ten commandments: do not steal, and do not kill, honor your father and mother, do not commit adultery.
  • Many important things and moral laws are told in the New Testament too.
  • The Bible is the most valuable monument of the spiritual culture of mankind. This is a very special book, unique and one of a kind. From the point of view of believers, the Bible is the most valuable book, the revelation of God himself given to people.
  • The Bible must be treated as a creation of man himself, in which the aspirations, pains, and dreams of many generations were embodied.
  • In the sayings of Christ, in the books of testaments, knowledge is collected that relates to the most hidden spiritual depths of a person. This is the universal meaning and eternal value of the Bible.

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